Want To Perform?

Live stream directly from your PC or our Mobile App

Use a green screen to make your performance more immersive!

Closest Thing To The Real Thing

Host your event in any of our many venues

All of them perfect place to enjoy live performances

Flexible Hosting Features

Enable Green Screen, Queue Stream Playlist, Manage Event & More

Perfect for album listening parties or DJ's hosting their own club

Express Your Emotions

We've included a bunch of fun emotes to show the performers how you're feeling

Share YouTube Videos

It doesn't have to be a live stream, why not share a YouTube video instead?

Perfect for the Modern Apartment or Cinema venues

Create Your Own Events

Easily create your own events

Set the event details, the venue, the date/time and invite your friends

Use Your ReadyPlayerMe Avatar

Proud to partner with ReadyPlayer.Me

Express yourself fully with their fully customisable avatars

And have fun!

We hope you enjoy your time in SpotlightVR