Virtual Stages For Real Performances

Socialise and enjoy all kinds of live shows

You can even host your own events in your own venue!

Flexible Performance Features

Our flexible event hosting options provide immservice and fun shows

Whatever your event or passion, we've got ways to showcase your talents!

Green Screen Performances

Live stream directly from your PC or our Mobile App

Use a green screen to make your performance more immersive!

Passthrough Performances

If you're in VR, play your real instrument using Passthrough!

Mixed reality lets you see your instrument as well as the crowd dancing along

YouTube Request Jukebox

Play Youtube videos on stage

Get requests from your audience and make a nightclub experience!

Endless Experiences That Suit Your Mood

Our platform is built by our community for our community

Whether you want to enjoy a performance, relax, play a game or watch a movie - We have the space for you

Tons of User Created Worlds

We're not just about Live Performances

New worlds are getting added all the time, so there's always something new to explore!

User Created Content

With our SpotlightSDK you can create your own venue or interactable object

Our detailed documentation makes it a breeze for anyone to customise SpotlightVR using Unity

Be The Host Of Your Own Events

Create and manage your own events

Our flexible hosting options make any event possible, with Performance/Jukebox Queuing, Green Screen Features, Host Approvals and more!

Closest Thing To The Real Thing

Host your event in any of our many venues

All of them perfect place to enjoy live performances

Use Your ReadyPlayerMe Avatar

Proud to partner with ReadyPlayer.Me

Express yourself fully with their fully customisable avatars

Hang Out With Friends

Play games, socialise, attend events and just have fun!

And have fun!

We hope you enjoy your time in SpotlightVR